Lay-buy payment terms & conditions

What is lay-buy

A lay-buy sale is where you pay by several installments and the goods are held by the Fingerprints until you pay off the balance within an agreed time period usually 6 months; however we are negotiable on this. At Fingerprints we ask for either 15-20% deposit of the purchase price.

  • 15-20% deposit (if an inkless kit is required this is automatically sent to customer once deposit is received)
  • 6 month layby period
  • Order manufactured and dispatched once final payment has been received

Keeping track of payments

Payments can be made via cheque, direct credit or cash. Each payment must be referenced to your order number and if making payments via direct credit please inform Fingerprints once each payment is made this allows us to keep track of your payments and advise you in an email of your current payment status.

Layby cancellation

Layby cancellations will incur an administration fee of $20

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

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