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We've compiled some answers for the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us directly if you need further assistance.

Our Process

We  have members of the Fingerprints team operating in areas of both the North and South Islands. Contact us to see if one is located near by.  In some instances we may be able to travel to you.  We do charge a call out fee so please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

There are several ways of getting your piece of art to us –

  • Send us a drawing in the post (we strongly recommend that if you are sending us the image via the post you take a photocopy and send this, though we have never had anything go missing there is always this likelihood).
  • Send a scanned image to our contact address

The best image is one that is relatively simple and has been done with a thick dark coloured marker or pen no larger than an A4 size. We do our very best to accommodate a variety of images e.g. we can use painted pictures or part of pictures. If for some reason your image will not reproduce well onto a pendant we will contact you to discuss your options – but we haven’t experienced this yet.

Upon ordering a hand or footprint piece we will send you an inkless kit (this is included in the price). This simple kit allows you take your child’s feet or hand prints (without any mess). Once the print has been returned to us we transfer the print (in a perfect miniaturized version) onto a silver pendant and then we complete it with your choice of engraving. It’s that easy!

NB: If you have an existing print of hands or feet we can also use that, simply send us a copy via the post or scanned to our email address.

Yes, send us a copy (or scan via email) of your prints and we will miniaturize them and put them onto a piece of your choice. We will then engrave your message on the back.

No, the fingerprint is actually indented into the silver, to ensure a flat pendant we only do a fingerprint on one side.

All of Fingerprints pendants are made from 99.9% pure silver. All of the fittings and attachments are made from solid (not plated) sterling silver 92.5%. We try to source most of our chains and accessories from within New Zealand. We do not bring in low quality chains from overseas. By request you can have the silver stamped with the FS9999 fine silver stamp this is an additional $10

Sterling silver is only 92.5% pure as it is mixed with other metals/alloys to make it harder, therefore more suitable to be used for items such as cutlery, teapots, etc. Our pendants are made from pure silver which is 99.9% pure silver. All of our accessories (chains, key rings, toggles, findings etc) are all solid sterling silver.

Once the order has been placed and we have taken your fingerprint or received your artwork we can usually complete and dispatch your order within 10 working days. Should you require a piece urgently please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can and often do urgent orders for our customers.

Yes, each piece is made by hand. Nothing is machine made, this ensures that every single item is unique; no two look the same. Unlike mass produced jewellery found in shops, each of Fingerprints pieces has its own unique look, which one would expect with a handcrafted item.

The whorls (lines) on each person’s finger are very different and are not always well defined in younger babies. For this reason, here at Fingerprints we like to wait until your baby is at least a couple of months old before we take an imprint. Otherwise, all you can be left with is an indent where the finger has been pressed. However if you do want a piece with a fingerprint from a younger baby we will take the print with no obligation. If your child does not give a well defined print we will discuss this with you before starting the manufacture process.

Fingerprints are determined by both age and genetics.

NB: This age limit refers to fingerprint pieces only, we can do hand and footprint pieces from any age.

Yes, the silver clay is non-toxic. However we do recommend that you wash your hands before and after contact with the clay (we automatically do this for you during the fingerprinting process).

We recommend that orders over these busy times be placed at least 10 working days prior to the date, however we do however understand that at times this is not always possible and will endeavor to accommodate your requests. We are still taking orders for Christmas and will be right up to the week prior.

Absolutely, we can make as many pieces as you require.

It is really very simple. Here at Fingerprints we have had heaps of practice and we get you the very best print possible –

We take the fingerprint directly on to the special silver clay: We gently press the finger onto the silver clay, this leaves a fingerprint impression that clearly shows all of the fine lines that form each person’s unique fingerprint. You can see straight away what the fingerprint will look like, as this piece of clay (complete with fingerprint) becomes your actual pendant.

Arrange a time to meet with one of our friendly team and we will take your fingerprint directly onto silver clay. We have members of the Fingerprints team throughout New Zealand. Contact us to find out the nearest Fingerprint person to you please check out our list of Representatives under the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website.

For any further questions that you can’t find the answers to, please feel free to email us –

Fingerprinting logistics

Yes we do.  Typically appointments are at our premises but we will make call outs in circumstances whereby you or the person are unable to get to us.  We have a call out fee of $50 attached to these orders.

Yes we can travel to you (within our area) to take fingerprints if you are unable to get to us.  There is a call out fee of $50 attached to each order.  This is waivered for orders $500 or more.

Yes we can come to a funeral home to take fingerprints on a deceased person.  This is by arrangement with our representative in your area (if we have a rep in your area) and is at their discretion/time permitted etc.  We can also come to your home if the deceased is at a private address. We charge a call out fee of $50 per order which is waivered for orders $500 or more.

Silver Care

Cleaning and caring for your Fingerprints silver jewellery is easy to do if you follow a few basic steps. With a little care and maintenance, your silver jewellery should always shine.
When you purchase silver jewellery, the first thing to remember is that silver is a relatively soft metal. Even the heaviest silver will bend or break if enough force is added to it. Silver can be prone to scratching, try to minimize this by storing it correctly in the pouch provided and treating it with care.

For more information, read our Caring for Your Silver guide.

Your Fingerprints jewellery should always be kept in the Fingerprints pouch supplied. Not only will this keep other jewellery from rubbing the silver (possibly causing scratches), it will protect it from the air, which causes tarnishing. (Tarnishing is caused by oxidization and moisture in the air. It first appears as a golden hue on the silver, but then turns black).

For more information, read our Caring for Your Silver guide.

Silver jewellery should always be cleaned with a soft cotton or flannel cloth. Synthetic materials will cause scratching.

For quick cleaning of silver, such as removing makeup or light dirt, use a small amount of liquid detergent or soap to about a half cup of warm water. Using your cloth, wipe the solution the jewellery, rinse under clean warm water, and dry thoroughly.

To remove tarnish or heavier dirt buildup, you will need to use special silver cleaner. There are usually several paste silver cleaning brands available from local supermarkets or hardware shops.

For more information, read our Caring for Your Silver guide.

"We have had the pleasure of working with Shelly twice on fingerprints. One occasion was of a fingerprint pendant of my Mum and the second occasion was my children getting fingerprint cufflinks for their Dad for Xmas. The most gorgeous presents and keepsakes!"
"I had my elderly parents fingerprints made for myself and gifted a set to my sister. It is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and incredibly special to me."
"I cherish my Dad's beautiful silver fingerprint which I wear everyday. Shelly's professionalism and compassion at this time was fantastic, I am so grateful."
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"I was gifted a set of fingerprints from my sister of my parents. I love them so much I've since passed on Shelly's details to many of my friends who have used her services. Her work is truly special!"
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