Taking Extra Care of Your Silver Jewellery

So if you’ve headed over to this page then I’m assuming you are lucky enough to have one of our precious silver keepsakes and you're wanting some handy tips on how to ensure it will look it’s best. This can be achieved easily if you take some extra care with your jewellery with just a few simple tips!

Firstly, silver can tarnish and it will do easily if you don’t properly care for your item. One of the most common reasons why silver will tarnish is because of the environmental surroundings it’s exposed to on a daily basis, not to mention some of the other things we might unknowingly expose our jewellery to without even thinking!

It’s really easy to put your jewellery on in the morning first thing and then continue to get ready with applying body moisturisers and hand creams, sun blocks, perfumes and more. Your jewellery (if it comes into contact with these things) could literally be screaming at you – stop!!! I’m not saying your jewellery will instantly tarnish, but you will find over a period of time that it will start to appear darker in colour if you expose it to these things on an ongoing basis. So if possible, try to make sure your jewellery is also not wearing the latest fragrance of your choice, as well as your favourite hand cream! Pop it on once you are ready and make it the last item you put on, not your first.

Other no no’s for jewellery are wearing it whilst exercising, showering, swimming etc. Not only do you risk potentially losing your jewellery (especially in a pool or the sea), but constantly coming into contact with water will dull your piece. Definitely no wearing it in spa pools!!

Having said all of this, I do know of some people who refuse to take their jewellery off. Once they have a precious keepsake of their loved ones fingerprint or their kids hand & foot prints, that’s it……it’s not coming off! They love the way it changes and ages with them and that’s how they chose to wear it. This is totally a personal thing and it’s over to you as to how you want to rock it!!

However if you do want to polish up your piece from time to time, this can easily be achieved with a simple dry silver polishing cloth. I also find a small amount of baking soda mixed with a drop or two of water then smeared and rubbed over your silver does wonders for removing any build up and dirty areas. Rinse the baking soda off under tap water and dry with a clean cloth.

The last little tip is to always store your jewellery in the velvet fingerprints pouch it came in and don’t forget, we are only an email or a phone call away if all else fails!

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