Little Works of Art

Creating special keepsake items from artwork is so rewarding and it’s amazing to see how a simple drawing can come to life on a piece of jewellery!

The type of artwork that is best is stick figure type stuff! Young children typically start to draw in stick figures and anyone who has children will probably have a collection of drawings from home, daycare and kindergarten that are perfect for this type of jewellery.

The great thing about using artwork is that it doesn’t have to be from the ‘here and now’. It can be something from the past for someone special.

When I started creating this jewellery many years ago, I thought how cool this was and how could I make something that represented a memory I wanted to cherish. At the time, Mothers Day was approaching. I decided I wanted to make something for my own Mother so I put my thinking cap on. A few weeks prior to Mothers Day we were remembering the passing of my youngest brother who lost his battle to cancer at age 21. I had always felt sad that he died prior to me creating fingerprint jewellery as the opportunity was lost to capture his print. I then had a ‘light bulb’ moment and asked Mum if she still had my brother’s kindergarten books or any books from his younger years at school. I didn’t tell her why I wanted them, only that I wanted to go back over some of his things for old times sake. She found some books for me and I started flipping through pages of basic handwriting and maths. I came across his kindergarten book and there it was – a picture of our family in stick figures. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to create a key ring for my Mum of the stick figure picture he had drawn of my Mother.

By now you will be looking at the images attached and yes, that’s the picture my brother drew of my Mother and that’s the key ring I created for her. I can’t tell you how touched and emotional she was. To this day, that key ring means the world to her!

Recently I was asked if I could miniaturise down some wording ‘Lots of Love Mum xxx’. It was in the handwriting of a lady for her daughter. It gave me great pleasure to be able to create this special pendant with special meaning.

So I hope this has been helpful and has got you thinking about possible artwork you have tucked away from long ago or cute little pieces drawn by kids that you would love to bring to life. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a whole entire piece of artwork, it can be a selected portion. The options are endless!

If you are unsure if a piece of artwork will work, please contact us and scan through the image so that we can take a look before we start the process. Always happy to help!!

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