Tips on Taking your Pet’s Paw Print

Taking your pets paw print shouldn’t prove to be too difficult if you carefully read through the instructions that are provided in your inkless kit pack and take some simple steps to set up and work quickly so that your pet doesn’t have a chance to bolt!

Typically a cat will be a little harder as they don’t like to be restrained, whereby a dog is usually easier and more compliant. At the end of the day, you know your pet best so my suggestion is to always read through the instructions thoroughly and then pick a time of the day whereby you know it will be easier on your pet.

Getting the best results

Let’s talk grooming! This is more aimed at dogs because you will notice if you lift up their paw you will either be able to see all of their paw pads or you will struggle to see any! This will come down to your breed of dog i.e. wool and shaggy type breeds more often than not will grow a lot of hair around the pads. Of course, when they have been groomed, this is the perfect time to take your pets paw print as the pads will be totally wool/hair free and you’ll easily be able to get a great print. I have a spoodle who is covered in wool so I know that when I want to take her paw print I wait until after she has just been groomed. You can see by the two images of Zoe’s paw (before and after), it makes a huge difference to what you have to work with!

Another great tip is to have someone else help you. This applies to taking prints on babies too. It’s much easier and quicker when two of you are working together – trust me on this one!

Taking the prints

In your kit, you are provided with one non-toxic wipe and four pieces of developing paper. Make sure you get the right side facing up. You’ll see by the sticker on each piece, which side to work with. The best place to work with your pet is on the floor at their level and on a nice clean hard surface. Floorboards are perfect! When you’re ready, place all four pieces of developing paper on the floor. Get another person to hold up your pet’s paw while you wipe each paw pad of one paw with the wipe (it’s a yellow colour and yes you will get some on your hands too!), then press your pets paw down (slightly firmly) onto the developing paper. Hold for a second or two then lift straight up and you’ll see the print develop instantly. Don’t worry if it doesn’t appear very dark. All I’m looking for is the pad shapes and outline mostly so I can work with prints that are faint in colour. Wipe your pet’s paw again and keep repeating on the remainder of the developing paper. Try to avoid getting your own fingers that have come into contact with the wipe on the developing paper as well!

Whilst the wipe is non-toxic, rinse or wipe your pet’s paw along with your own hands and your done!! You can place the prints back into the plastic bag the developing paper came in and send to us when your ready so that we can create your chosen item.

Of course, please don’t hesitate to flick us an email or phone us if you have any other questions before getting started. We are always happy to help!

Good Luck!!

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